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You deserve more from life than just working in your business. is a Cavan based consultancy company whose sole focus is to assist owners of SMEs with the issues that dominate their daily lives as they develop and grow their business.

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Member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland

Mediation is a process in which an independent, neutral Mediator assists two or more disputing parties in resolving the dispute in a collaborative, consensual manner. As an approved Mediator with Mediator Institute of Ireland, we specialise in organisational and workplace mediation.

Stand Back

Helping SMEs develop and grow their business. offers the experience derived from managing various SMEs. We know the problems involved in operating and growing a small business, but also understand the desire to succeed. is fully aware that success can bring the wrong result and not the original vision the company was intended to achieve. does know and understand that all work and no play can make a dull company and dull companies usually fall short of their original goal.

We will assist you avoid this trap.


To establish a more effective and meaningful work / life balance for everyone


To work with small to medium business owners and managers stand back and focus on long term strategic goals rather than day to day issues.


• Honesty and Integrity
• Continuous Improvement
• Work Hard
• Understand the Value of Reputation

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We help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.