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Are you ready to change your business and your life today?

Irish consultancy

You deserve more from life than just working in your business. is a Cavan based consultancy company whose sole focus is to assist owners of SMEs with the issues that dominate their daily lives as they develop and grow their business.

We will help you develop a long term view of your company and its development as against day to day tactical issues. These small but significant daily issues can result in companies focusing on short term actions at the expense of visibility of developing market trends. We will assist you prepare, and get your company ready to, take advantage of any future trends.


Are you ready to change your business and your life today?

We will advise you of the company structure you need to develop, to take advantage of these future trends and assist the drive towards that future. is also aware that the future is different for each SME business owner and the future may take different tracks such as: 

  • Growth with new and existing products services
  • Buy or merge with like minded partners / companies
  • Prepare for selling the company so you can take advantage of exiting the business to move forward in other ways
Stand Back

Areas where we can help you can, and will, advise on the future, only after consulting and understanding the true desire of the business owner. We understand that this is a difficult and hard decision and we, as SME owners, fully empathise with that.  
  • Assist with development of strategic direction so resources and efficiencies can be exploited for the benefit of the company
  • Dealing with the existing Market
  • Placing your business on a pathway to growth
  • Identifying  future market potential  while planning for future challenges and changes
  • Recruitment 
  • Organizational Structure  
  • Employment Contracts
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Structured Public relations
  • Targeted social media marketing 
  • Optimising the marketing budget to maximise return
  • Help to create clarity and gain best return for effort made
  • Develop reports that actually help you with decisions making as against simple data gathering
  • Build staff motivation and develop plans that empower people to release management time to develop and grow business
Stand Back

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